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Kiln Dried Shavings

Kiln Dried Shavings

The Wood Mill’s high quality, dry Pine and Cedar shavings are perfect for horse bedding and for other livestock kept in stalls and pens. Only $5 for a 60 gallon bag!

  • Large dried flakes for better coverage and less saw dust.
  • A mix of cedar and pine with a fresh natural scent.
  • Kiln dried pine and air dried cedar for greater bedding absorbency.*
  • Large 3′ x 5′ bags for easy transport and storage.
  • Only $5 per bag. More per bag, better quality, and less expensive than any competitor!
  • Your horse can thank us later.

Bagged Dry Shavings
Dry Shavings

*Shavings occasionally include a mix of some hardwoods. If your animals have allergies, please let us know!

Green Shavings

We have wet, or “green” shavings. These are normally a mix of Pine & Hemlock. When available, we offer them for $10 / 3 yards. Great for mulch! Free if you shovel them yourself! Call for current availability.

Scrap Wood DumpsterScrap Wood

We offer a variety of scrap wood when available, including:

  • Product cutoffs: $25 / dumpster
  • Kiln dried sticks:  $50 – $75 / bundle