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Lumber Sale

Lumber Sale Items

The below items are our lumber sale items. Get huge discounts on specials & clearance items. Factory seconds are priced at up to 75% off! 
Call to confirm availability and come quick! You can also follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on current deals.

Overstock & Specials

These items are overrun from custom orders & overstock of good products. Some items may have minor defects.

Pack #ProductDimensionsProfileLengthsQuantityDiscount - Price
n/aKD TimbersTrue 3x5"S4S10'2940% off - $567.24
163Hemlock 4x7"Rough1 @ 12'
1 @ 14'
60.67 bf.$35
164Pine2x12"Rough2 @10'
4 @ 12'
177.08 bf.$100
165Pine2x10"Rough5 @ 10'109.38 bf.$60

Clearance – Factory Seconds

These items are factory seconds and are priced at 75% off of retail pricing. Items marked with a pack number are only sold as full units. Factory seconds are low grade and we suggest you personally inspect what you buy to make sure it meets your needs. We do not accept returns on these items.
Pack #SpeciesDimensionsProfileLengthsQuantityPrice
123Pine 5/4 x 12Bullnose Stair treads4' long - 20 treads available$6 per tread$120
140Pine2x8S4S6' - 16'160 lf.$60
156Cedar4x4S4S10'30 lf.$17.33
159Cedar1x4S4S8' - 10'248 lf.$65.10
171Pine6x6Rough8' - 12'70 lf.$53.55
175Cedar1x6T&G8' - 12'42 lf.$14.70
176Cedar1x6S4S6' - 12'63 lf.$22.05
179Pine2x8T&G8' - 16'188 lf.$72.85
180Pine2x8WP48' - 16'116 lf.$44.95
181Pine2x8Log Siding8' - 16'392 lf.$151.90
182Cedar5/4x6Decking8' - 10'580 lf.$208.80
183Cedar2x6Log Siding8' - 10'1118 lf.$522.67
184Pine2x8Log Siding (custom)8' - 16'96 lf.$37.20
185Cedar1x6T&G8'224 lf.$78.40
187Cedar2x8Log Siding (custom)8'256 lf.$165.12
188Pine2x8Log Siding8' - 16'500 lf.$193.75
Updated daily. Call to confirm availability.

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