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Lumber Sale

Lumber Sale Items

The below items are our lumber sale items. Get huge discounts on specials & clearance items. Factory seconds are priced at up to 75% off!
Call to confirm availability and come quick! You can also follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on current deals.

Overstock & Specials

These items are overrun from custom orders & overstock of good products.

ProductGradeDimensionsProfileLengthsQuantityDiscount - Price
Notched RaftersGraded4x6"S4S - Notched for 3L12 PitchFor a building about 11' wide.1640% off - $250
KD TimbersGradedTrue 3x5"S4S10'2940% off - $567.24
KD TimbersGradedTrue 4x5"S4S8'440% off - $77.18
Hemlock TimbersGraded6x6"Rough10'625% off - $163.35
Hemlock TimbersGraded6x6"Rough8'325% off - $65.34
Hemlock LumberGraded2x6"Rough10'425% off - $36.30


These items are factory seconds and are priced at 50 - 75% off of retail pricing. Items marked with a pack number are only sold as full units.
Pack #SpeciesDimensionsProfileLengthsQuantityPrice
75Cedar6x8Rough8'164 lf.$280
106Pine2x6Rough8' - 16'110 lf.$30
113Cedar1x6Rough8 - 10'336 lf.$95
115Cedar5/4x6Eased Edge4 - 8'522 lf.$185
116Cedar1x6T&G8'576 lf.$200
117Cedar1x6S4S8'80 lf.$25
118Cedar1x8S4S8'408 lf.$200
121 (part 1)Cedar1x6V-Match8'160 lf.$55
121 (part 2)Cedar1x4V-Match8' - 12'262 lf.$70
122Cedar1x6V-Match6' - 8'832 lf.$290
123Pine 5/4 x 12Bullnose Stair treads4' long - 20 treads available$6 per tread$120
125Pine2x8Log Siding8' - 16'602 lf.$465
127Pine2x8Log Siding8' - 16'1360 lf.$1050
128Cedar2x8Log Siding4' - 10'600 lf.$770
Updated daily. Call to confirm availability.

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