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House Lifting Cribbing

house lifting cribbing - 6x8House Lifting Cribbing

If you are lifting a house, you already know that cribbing in not a place to cut corners. Strength, accuracy, and quality must all be considered. Our cribbing is available rough sawn or planed in almost any dimension. For house lifters requiring a perfectly plumb box crib we offer planed Hemlock 6 x 8″ or 6 x 6″. Our cribbing is end painted with moisture sealing Anchorseal in your company’s color to ensure a long lasting product.

Eastern Hemlock is known for its superior strength and durability, and is the timber of choice for many of our house lifters. Hemlock is a softwood, but it is rediculously strong and rebust. Rather than exploding under load, it tends to slowly crack and crumble, giving warning signs before breaking. This is very important when lifting heavy houses. Our customers who have switch from PT Yellow Pine or Oak have been very happy!

Cribbing is sold palletized for easy shipping and unloading. We can ship all over the country. To quote out your order, including delivery,  call (207) 587-2145 or email us at We have a minimum order quantity of 1 full tractor trailer load, which 920 pieces for 6×6″, or 690 pieces for 6×8″.

house lifting cribbing

house lifting cribbing

house raising cribbing
True 6 x 6"True 6 x 8"
Rough Sawn$10.00/pce$14.21/pce
To lock in current pricing request an official estimate.

*Cribbing is a wholesale item, and is sold by the tractor trailer load. Wholesale items are not eligible for contractor discounts*